The tool that is taking BTGA to the next level: Classy

Are you interested in starting a fundraising campaign to help save lives with BtGA? We have good news for you!

Meet Classy.

What is Classy? As the world’s fastest growing fundraising platform for social impact organizations, Classy has enabled millions of people across 300K individual campaigns to help fund more than 3,000 organizations. From cutting-edge health programs to educational advancement to engineering innovations, Classy’s customers are tackling the world’s greatest challenges with the power of the Classy platform. In addition, it helps 501c3 or other nonprofit organizations to run crowdfunding, online and mobile campaigns, awareness and fundraising events all under one roof.



We have experimented with Classy for a few months and were ready to introduce it to you.

1. We now can reach entirely new audiences.

2. Classy has allowed us to build out user friendly campaign pages that looks clean with no web development experience.

3. The staff has been extraordinarily helpful in guiding us to fully utilize all the tools and resources within the software.

4. Classy has expanded its platform’s capabilities to process donations, and issue receipts to donors across the world, in over 100 currencies.

5.  Classy is easy to use!

We can’t rave enough about their great customer service and helpfulness with strategic planning. They are also open to feedback and continue to improve their product based on their client's needs.

If you are interested in starting a fundraising campaign, and be a part of the movement to transforming lives, please contact Timirial Laney at