BE A BRIDGE. A Walking World Fundraiser

Sponsored by Bridging the Gap Africa’s proud partner, Initiative 360. 


Initiative 360 is matching funds for the first $20,000 CAD donated within Canada.

If your U.S. organization is willing to match funds for this campaign, please contact us.

About the Fundraiser

Our eight-week blog series will raise awareness for specific social impacts provided by footbridges in Kenya. Several Canadians have agreed to see what their lives may be like if they did not have bridges to cross the rivers in their communities. During the campaign, there will be a blog posted every week that features a specific social impact by providing photos and stories from Africa that will be paired with photos and a personal statement from the walkers in Canada.

Funds raised will be used to build a footbridge that will increase access to the Kakenya Centre for Excellence, a school in the Trans Mara region that is enabling girls to realize their dreams for a better future. Click Here to watch an inspiring, five-minute feature by CNN that explains how the Kakenya Centre for Excellence is transforming lives.

In rural Kenya, rivers often create divides that prevent or limit access to education, healthcare, markets, and commerce. Bridging the Gap Africa believes that rivers should not be barriers. 

A simple footbridge saves lives by preventing drownings and animal attacks and brings social change by increasing school attendance, providing access to medical care, connecting farmers to markets, and enabling economic opportunity. Bridging the Gap Africa is a non-profit organization that assists local communities in rural Kenya to build footbridges across dangerous rivers. To date the organization has enabled the construction of 60 footbridges, and we believe that there is a need for hundreds of bridges throughout Kenya. To learn more about Bridging the Gap Africa, click here to watch a three minute feature by CNN and a TED Talk.

What if your community did not have bridges? What if you had to walk through a river to get to school or to work? What if a river prevented your family from getting access to medical care?

We suspect that those of us that are reading this post do not know what it would be like to live in a Walking World where there are no bridges.

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What sort of impact does a footbridge make?