A Walking World Fundraiser

Sponsored by BtGA’s proud partner, Initiative 360. 

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The 2017 BE A BRIDGE Fundraiser aims to raise $CAD 50,000 for Bridging the Gap Africa to build the Oltulele Masai Community Crossing across the Sand River.  

This site is located in Olderkesi Conservancy in Narok Region of southwest Kenya near the Tanzania border.

Based on our community engagement, Bridging the Gap Africa believes that the Oltulele Community Crossing will offer the following social impacts:

  • Support a wildlife conservancy established to minimize the human-wildlife conflict in this region of Kenya;
  • Reduce or eliminate the 5 to 10 drowning deaths per year during the rainy season;
  • Allow children to attend school safely, including a new primary and secondary school, and a girls rescue home that is being built on the north side of the river; and
  • Provide access to health-care and local markets/commerce for a community of 7000+, including regular travelers between Kenya and Tanzania.

Thank-you to all supporters of the 2016 BE A BRIDGE Fundraiser. Your donations enabled the construction of Kakenya's Crossing (photos above), a bridge that is enabling opportunities for a bright new future for young girls in Kenya by providing safe and reliable year-round access to education.  

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